Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Son's Murder!

I am an older woman that lost my son under very suspicious circumstances. His name is James Woods. He was 27 years old. My son was talking to someone in our racist neighborhood that told him the reasons for my abuses and harassments is because I have Moammar Khadaffi's picture on my wall; a picture that has been on my wall; wherever I have lived, for over thirty some years. My son told me that I would be pulled out of my home and put in a mental institution. I did not believe him and it happened! My son James was stopped by the Phoenix Police Department and forced into a mental institution because he was not wearing any shoes in Arizona. James had feet problems. I was forced out of my home by the Scottsdale Police and put into mental institution after my racist so-call neighbor called mental health on me twice previously because I am a black, poor and a woman. My son James was placed in a facility in Mesa, Arizona. I was placed in Phoenix, Arizona. On May the 11th, which was Mother’s Day; at about 4:22am, I was sleeping when I was awaken by a stressful call by my son James outside of my window! My son called out very stressfully, “Mom!” I immediately yelled out to him, “I’m coming…” as I put one knee in my wheelchair facing the back of the wheelchair, I gripped both handles with my hands and frantically peddled the wheelchair with my foot! I made it to the dinning area where a lady was sitting on duty. I told her my son called out to me. She did not believe me. I looked at the clock and it was 4:23am! How did my son James get from Mesa to Phoenix at 4:22 in the morning and return to the facility in Mesa to be found dead? He did not have a car. James was supposed to be released from that facility on the day of his death! I tried all I could to get to my son but I was in a level one-lockdown facility. In the late afternoon I was told that my son was found sprawled out on the floor dead and no one knew what happened to him? I lost it! My son was murdered in the mental institution as well as a white friend I ate with name Doug. Several other deaths occurred while I was institutionalized in a mental institution for no reason. Another black male friend was put in a mental institution that had no mental problem; his name was Archie. The black woman who allegedly reported 'problems' as she reasoned such with the Mormon Church, was put in a mental institution. I see why my racist neighbor wanted me put in a mental institution, so I would be killed! Before my son’s murder, I nearly died! My heart rate went over 190 some beats per minute. The ambulance driver tilted my head down with my feet up and gave me a shot to stop my heart and then a shot to restart my heart! I was let out of that 'death mental institution' to bury my son. I was subjected to all kinds of abuses before I was 'illegally' forced into a mental institution! It seems that in the State of Arizona to be black and poor is to be crazy and in need of being FORCED into a 'killing' mental institution! Arizona is a very RACIST state. I want my deceased son's death investigated to include all of the racial harassments done to me before my son's death. I want my friend, Doug's untimely death investigated! Doug 'allegedly died from a heart attack, my son died from an 'alleged' heart attack; and I nearly died from an imposed heart attack! Everybody's heart is BAD in the 'killing' mental institution! There are far too many factors to post here. If you can be of any help, PLEASE feel free to e-mail me. Please Copy and Paste this message wherever it will help me get justice in my son's murder! Divine Peace and Blessings to you all! Namaste...

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