Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My name is Janice. I am a 62-year-old poor black woman. I am desperately seeking Justice in the death of my son, James Woods. Please click on the following Link for more information:

1. My racist so-call neighbor rented a commercial size snake and snaked his way into my plumbing system and pumped water into my toilet that flooded my upstairs. My landlord, Mrs. Frank came out picked the rocks and debris out of my toilet.
2. This same person, Tom built a make-shift ‘shed like’ object out of boxes on his porch whereupon a person would hide inside and observe anyone that departed or entered my residence. Eventually, I complained to the housing association and they had him to remove his makeshift fort.
3. Lizards were put into my residence to attack and frighten me.
4. Some kind of electronic devises were used to create hologram images in my residence to intimidate, harass and frighten my grand baby and me.
5. I very seldom go out of residence. One day I suddenly opened my front door and Tom and two other men had a square like green metal box with a screen on it and a long black cord going around to what I assumed to be the electric box for these set of condos. When I looked at the screen on this green box, I was looking inside my residence. I was shocked. These men were actually looking inside my condo!
6. When facing the street, to my left the lady that resides there, her boyfriend brought in a truckload of boxes and what have you. Tom went out to the truck and he was shaking his head and just patting on the items on the truck as he walked around the bed of the truck. Whatever was in that truck was intended to be used against me. It was about 2:30am in the morning.
7. This same woman’s boyfriend came over in front of my unit and tried to intimidate me. When it did not work, he went back to his girlfriend’s condo and stopped; looked at me and patted his pocket as if he had a gun.
8. Down towards the end of the set of condos where I live, new people moved in. Cars blasting music would drive up and someone from that condo would come out and interact with the people in the car and then the car would drive away. This went on day and night for weeks. I assumed drugs were being sold. I would look out my window with my lights out around 2am or so. One morning a pink low rider truck with dark windows pulled up in front of my condo and put on their bright lights. The people inside the truck rolled down their windows and made smirks at me. I immediately knew that Tom told those people that I called the cops on them by their reactions toward me. I said nothing to anyone. Tom and his friend called the police on them people.
9. I was upstairs in my bedroom, when I was compounded repeatedly in my head by some kind of electrodes. The pain was awful. I wrapped my head in aluminum foil as an attempt to reduce the pain. I always covered my head with a wig or a scarf. I never went around with my head covered in aluminum foil uncovered. I often wondered how this could be done to me and no one was in my condo but me. Thanks to a 60 minutes presentation I learned that America have a new weapon to control crowds of people that does repel people with electrodes. It is not a tasser. I have headaches and ear troubles to this day as a result of these acts against me.
10. I came home from the doctor’s office and drove my wheelchair up to my table when suddenly to my left in a green crate a monitor lizard charged me and I immediately drove my wheelchair to the door. I telephoned the police from my daughters place. I met the police at my condo and the monitor lizard was gone. One policeman made fun of me by spreading his legs in front of the green crate and posturing his arms to the left and right while saying; “..Is it over here, is it over there..” over and over again making fun of me. The other police seemed irritated.
11. One day I went to my neurologist office for an appointment at around 10am. By ten something I was finished with my neurologist appointment. I was taken to my neurologist appointment in an wheelchair van. I telephoned the wheelchair van for a return ride home repeatedly; no van would come and pick me up. I waited for a return ride home until after 8:30pm. Dr, Phang, my neurologist was shocked to see me still their from the morning hours waiting for a ride home. I just knew people were in my condo doing something and I was deliberately being detained from home while specific others did their dirty work.
12. One day I taken sick and went to the emergency room of the hospital. The doctor was talking to me when suddenly a female police officer dressed in a brown uniform walked in and cunningly shock her head at the doctor. The doctor suddenly stopped talking and I was rushed out of the emergency treatment room. I did not want to wait in the lobby of the emergency room with a bunch of sick people so I drove my wheelchair outside to wait for a return ride home as I pondered what had just happened to me. In the meantime, I was not feeling well, so I went into my bag and opened my weekly pill dispenser to take my medicine. Suddenly, three cops dressed in brown uniforms approached me from different angles to see what I was doing. I felt so put upon!
13. I came from my daughter’s place and drove on my ramp when suddenly my ramp rose up and dropped down. I did not know what to think but I did not run. This process of my ramp raising up and dropping down; rose higher and dropped down harder. I became frightened and drove my wheelchair as fast as I could back to my daughters place. As I passed Martha's black car, I saw an Asian man with straight black hair trying to duck down in her car. I knew then those folks close by had something to do with my ordeal! I called the police and nothing happened of course.
14. My daughter, Candy was intimated until she moved to another state. Her car was deliberately destroyed.
15. A lightening storm hit the city in the wee hours of the morning. I was in bed but I was not sleep. All of the lights were out in my condo. I was resting in the dark. A hard clamber of lightning hit and suddenly I seen a large patch of green circles light up in my living room. Next, I heard high heel shoes clanking on the sidewalk as I herd this white woman yelling; obviously upset because the electricity went out.
16. Some kind of device was placed in my TV set that showed an emblem in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This emblem was a green elongated square with a black circle on top representing a human symbol. When you turned the TV off two Images of some kind of dogs appeared beneath the TV set on the far right and left. I finally became curios and I put my TV set on off channels where a lot of static covered the screen. I saw images of men sitting in a row, dressed in military fatigues, each holding dog chains attached to vicious dogs. Finally, one day when things had settled down; this TV suddenly popped loudly, the tube blew out. I threw the TV out.
17. For a long time, at least a year or more, people thinking that I was sleep would ease into my condo and quietly ease out. I always kept my doors locked regardless to whether I was home or not.

There is so much more I can say until I will just quit here. I am pleading for a thorough investigation of various incidents that happened to me far beyond the norm. I feel that I was subjected to some kind of INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE and was abused and harassed during this ‘intelligence’ mishap. I don’t expect anyone to believe my claims; therefore, I AM BEGGING YO BE POLYGRAPH TESTED THOROUGHLY ON THIS AND MUCH MORE! Given all that I have been through to include the death of my son, harassment's and abuses of my two daughter’s (one I did not explain above); license plate checks on my relatives…I WANT JUSTICE AND MY CIVIL RIGHTS! Two things that I am positive of are that it involves Tom and his bunch, to include the city and more! PLEASE, I want my situation thoroughly investigated. ARIZONA IS RACIST STATE! Thank You Very Much for your time.
*names have been changed for privacy purposes.

Yours truly,


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